Potential ailments can catch you and your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on the hop causing heart ache and expense. Instead of handling health problems as they appear, learn quickly how to avoid many of them, effectively keeping your dog healthy and happy.

Discover the Secret for Keeping Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Perfect Health

Discover the Secret for Keeping Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Perfect Health

Potential Health Problems in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dogs

The same as humans, dogs can suffer any number of health issues. However, a dog can’t relate that he has a tummy ache and will suffer quietly until there is very real pain that needs treatment. Learn to recognize symptoms and actions necessary to avoid the issues.

Infections – are not foreign to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs. They can appear in ears, on the skin, in their eyes and teeth. Ear infections being the most common and are most often due to a foreign body or bacteria within the ear. Check his ears often for excess moisture, dirt, red spots or swelling. Infections are the easiest problem to prevent. Clean his eyes, teeth and brush his hair regularly to avoid potential bacteria build up.

Allergies – many forms of allergy can affect your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Most common being flea allergy, which can cause hot spots leading to infections. Make sure your dog is medicated for fleas monthly and have a vet examine him regularly to ensuring he is healthy. If his skin problems end up as ear infections or other hot spots it may be the result of food allergy, a severe issue that a vet should address.


Diabetes – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel health issues mirror human issues in many ways and diabetes is one of these diseases. Excess rich, fatty and sugary foods may result in pancreatic problems causing diabetes. You will minimize the potential for diabetes by keeping your dog on a strict diet of dog foods with very few table scraps or over fed meals. A dog diagnosed with diabetes will need to see a vet often and be given regular shots to keep him healthy.

Arthritis and Dysplasia – pure bred dogs have a long history of arthritic health problems due to their longer more narrow joints and are highly susceptible to joint problems. Ensure your dog is fed the necessary vitamins and minerals it requires daily and have the vet check his joints for any degeneration annually.

Obesity – is a most common and the most deadly health problem your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can have, it is directly caused by over eating and not enough exercise. The obesity itself doesn’t lead to mortality but the higher risk of heart failure liver disease, tumors and skin problems are all very dangerous when not dealt with. Obesity is treatable with a careful diet and attention to his exercise levels.

A well exercised dog that eats well each day and is kept clean and well groomed may never need to suffer these health problems. Even so he should be taken to the vet annually for a check up against potential health problems. The earlier a disease is caught, the better it can be treated.

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